Ignition Program 2021

Ignite your career with Lynk & Co. This is our search for independent thinkers with stories to tell-people ready to make their mark on the world. No CVs required. Sound like you? Make your move!
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Maybe you never graduated. Maybe you graduated thirty years ago. Maybe you’re feeling burnt out in your current job. Maybe you’ve been out of the workforce for a while. It doesn’t matter to us where you’re coming from as long as you’re ready for a new adventure.  

The Ignition Program is a way to connect with fresh ideas, while giving people a chance to grow with us. It’s kind of like our take on a trainee program, except it's open to everyone. We don’t think that you need a degree or specific experience (or really any experience at all) to have great ideas.  

So, we’re not looking for prestigious programs or fancy degrees (if you have one of those, that’s cool too though!). We’re more interested in passion, creativity, and a unique perspective—no matter where that perspective is coming from.   

Hi, we’re Lynk & Co!  

We’re not really a conventional car company, we’re a new global brand that focuses on the need of the connected generation, sustainability, and a hassle-free customer experience.  

Lynk & Co has no heritage or previous legacy, so we’re not stuck with old fashioned hierarchy and processes. Our best ideas don’t come out of fancy board rooms but from anyone, anywhere, at any time! We will challenge you, but we expect you to challenge us right back. At Lynk & Co we cherish opinions and new ideas, so don’t be afraid to speak up! 

Ignition Program 2021

As part of the Ignition Program, we’ll set you up at our HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’ll drop you into our Co:lab team, part of the Technology & Business Innovation department, but you will be working tightly across all functions and departments at Lynk & Co. You’ll be assigned a mentor, who guides and supports you in your work over the course of the year.   

As part of the Ignition Program we expect you to inject ideas and ensure that innovation stays at the forefront of agendas throughout the organization. When you’re not getting your hands dirty and molding the future of the automotive industry, you’ll be enhancing your leadership skills, honing your creativity, developing your business acumen, and refining your technical ability. Nonetheless, to succeed in this role you must be curious, open to new experiences, and willing to stretch your comfort zone!   

Your projects will be based on both your personal preferences and our assessment. There will no pre-defined path for you during the year. You’ll be starting at a super exciting time: right as our 01 cars start hitting the streets and new Lynk & Co Clubs open across Europe. Not only will you work on innovation projects across the company, but also be part of the journey as we build our European presence!  

It’s a 1-year contract but if at the end you’re happy and we’re happy, then the end will be just the beginning. We have a clear intention to match you with the right professional channel after the program. 



Hands on experience of working within an exciting and upbeat start-up environment  
Analytical and critical thinking skills  
Relationship building with our team both locally and globally  
Opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects across functions  
Personal development, leadership, creativity and enhancing relevant technical skills  


Imagine you’ve got all the resources you need to fix that one thing. You know the one. That daily frustration that they – whoever ‘they’ are – haven’t fixed yet. Maybe it's the way your coffee gets cold before you can drink it, or how your glasses fog up when you wear a facemask. Maybe you have a great idea to reduce global plastic pollution, or maybe you’re just super sick of your earbuds getting tangled.

Whatever it is, tell us about it and what you’d do to fix it.  

Think big. Think small. Film it, build a website out of it, or just scrawl it on a napkin and scan it. No CVs. No essays. Just that one beautiful idea expressed in a way and in a format that lets us know a bit about who you are, how you think and where your strengths lie.

Apply by March 24th 2021 at the latest, along with your name, email address and phone number. And remember, no CV. Just that one beautiful idea in the format of your choice.

Maximum video length is 3 minutes if you’d like to submit a video.  

After the application period has expired the hiring team will review the applications and select candidates for the second stage which will involve completing two online tests. Our estimation is that you will receive information if you have been selected by mid April. Based on the initial application and the results of the tests we will select the candidates who will be invited to a fun assessment day with us in mid May.

Start of the program is September 1st 2021.

If you want to learn more about the program, please reach out to Iryna Prokhorenko (Co:Lab coworker,) iryna.prokhorenko@lynkco.com. 

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please reach out to Magnus Blixt (HR), +46 72 184 38 91.


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Why work with us?

We want you to love what you do. That's why we work to foster a creative and collaborative culture. These are the values that guide us.

  • Be open.

    We're curious and always challenging the norm. We like to find our own path through life—especially when that means carving out a new one.

  • Do it! Together!

    We have the power to make things happen and we look for solutions together. You’re never alone at Lynk & Co.

  • Create wow.

    We do the unexpected. We like pushing buttons and pushing boundaries. No one's doing what we're doing, and that means we have something to prove.

  • Be sustainability.

    We look at everything through a sustainability lens. It's not because we want to look good, but because we believe in taking responsibility for the world and society we live in.

Your impact.

At Lynk & Co, you have the opportunity to shape the company's future, your future, and the future of mobility. Yeah, we know it's a bold promise, but we think it holds up.

Already working at Lynk & Co?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

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  • Anders Borg
  • Andreas Säwström
  • Carina Borelius
  • Carola Nilsson
  • Carolina Reuterving
  • Christian Nikkilä Sjöstrand
  • Claartje Becks
  • Dennis Kwint
  • Desirée Benjaminsson

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